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Endearing China Art and Cultural Performances:

What: Seattle Large Chinese Arts Introduction Performances.

When: September 17th 7:30-9:30PM :

<<Endearing China Culture Special Performance>>

September 18th 8:30-9:30PM:

<<Celebrating People's Republic of China 65th Birthday Special Performance>>

Where: Meydenbauer Center Theature, 11100 NE 6th St.Bellevue, WA. 98004.

For TICKETS: CALL: 425-269-1449


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What People Say About Us

  • Seattle Chinese Times -

    Vigorously carry forward the Chinese culture and arts, enthusiastic service overseas Chinese, so that Chinese culture and arts integrate into American society to carry forward the spirit of multiculturalism.

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  • -

    Wonderful performances by the invited guests a warm welcome and praise. Winning glory for the Chinese overseas.

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Huaxing Children Class Recruitment

合唱,舞蹈,聲樂,表演, 形體訓練,舞臺實習。

Choir,Dance and Voice Instructions, Performing infront of Audiences.



7月5日 - 8月30日 每周日 2:00 - 3:00PM

每堂課 $15/hour

排練地點(address):12754 Bel-Red Road

Bellevue, WA 98005

報名方式(contact info):(425)269-1449

Huayin Drum Group Recruitment

招生對象:7歲以上; 前30人(學生,成人)

内容: 腰鼓表演(免費參加: Free to Join);

時間: 5月24日=7月25日, 星期天每周一次;

排練地點(address):12754 Bel-Red Road

Bellevue, WA 98005

報名方式:(contact info):(425)269-1449

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